Terms of Service

Your account information must be accurate and correct at all times, you can update any details or delete your account by emailing us at support@mcshosting.co.uk. You must be over 13 years old.

All prices are in British Pound Sterling (GBP, £) and is converted to other currencies at the time of payment. You must not dispute, chargeback or claim any payment against us. After payment, your service will be usually setup within a few hours, however in rare cases this can take up to several days. You must contact our support or email us at support@mcshosting.co.uk before requesting a refund.

You must not use excessive CPU, memory, disk, network usage on any services and you must not abuse the website or any support offered. Any bugs or exploits found in the website must be reported to us without delay through a ticket or support@mcshosting.co.uk

External Sites:
You may have an account with discordapp.com or patreon.com that is linked to your MCS Hosting Ltd account, each external site has their own terms and privacy policy which you can read on their website. We use Google Analytics on our websites.

Data and Backups:
We are not responsible for any data or backups that are not available due to factors outside of our control.

Servers are provided for free by MCS Hosting Ltd. We have the right to delete any server or account at any time with/without a reason.

We can terminate your account and any servers and delete any data if you breach this terms of service.

This TOS applies to all sites and discord servers owned by MCS Hosting Ltd, including (but not limited to): mcshosting.co.uk, mcshosting.ltd and freemc.host. 

I have read and agree to all of the TOS